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Gestalt Therapy

While I work with an eclectic mix of therapy approaches, I often refer to Gestalt therapy as the “backbone” of my practice. To me it is as much a philosophy as it is a therapy modality. 


One of my favourite notions in Gestalt therapy is the assumption that health is the ability to respond to novel experiences spontaneously, authentically, and with natural excitement. This is assumed to be our natural state with which we are born, and towards which we innately strive.

Ultimately, the goal of Gestalt therapy is

  • feeling safe and free to be Oneself,

  • being able to have satisfying relationships,

  • the ability to create a life that feels self-led and meaningful.

Having said this, every person has different aims and circumstances, and goals differ from person to person. We will carefully discuss where you would like to take the therapy, and if we are on track with your goals.

As a Gestalt therapist I will assist you to become aware of your natural excitements and will support you to explore that which you are fearful of and is holding you back. In the safety of the therapeutic relationship we can examine assumptions you have about yourself and others, as well as try out new ways of thinking/feeling/behaving that give you new impulses. We do this through talking and feeling into the impact our talking has on you. Most importantly, we welcome all your thoughts and emotions as curious experiences that have a right and a reason to be present. Often it is useful to take it even a step further and locate where you may be holding your themes in the body, as the body offers an immediate access to work with them. In this way you develop a new relationship to yourself and all the parts that make you you. You will find yourself responding to your challenges with increased clarity, ease and gentleness. 

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