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About Anja

Photo of therapist Anja

                   My Training

Master of Arts Therapy (Clinical)

Whitecliffe College for Art and Design Auckland, 2016

Diploma Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Institute of New Zealand, Christchurch, 2014


Certificate in Art of Health

Taruna College (Steiner education), Havelock North, 2013 


Diploma of Art therapy and Art Pedagogy

College for Art and Drama Therapy, Ottersberg, Germany, 2002

I am a Gestalt and Arts therapist practicing psychotherapy in Wellington, New Zealand.

Originally from Germany, I found my home in New Zealand in 2006, and started working in private practice in 2016. As the daughter of intrepid travellers, I was privileged to grow up in such diverse countries as Nepal, Cameroon and Germany. Being exposed to a variety of cultures has taught me to be perceptive and deeply honour each person within their unique personal, cultural, and spiritual context. 

My style as a therapist is warm and interactive. I bring my curiosity, honesty, and humanity to the therapeutic relationship. I believe therapy is a collaboration between you and me. We work together to uncover how your history shapes your present experience and develop awareness of how that interferes with your potential to function more flexibly and authentically in your own healthy way. 

In addition to practicing Gestalt and Art therapy, I have 5 years experience as a counsellor and workshop facilitator at the Women’s Centre Christchurch and the Women’s Health Collective in Wellington. I have also worked in adult mental health and used to be an art educator for children and youth. I have extensive experience with meditation and “soul-search” modalities of all kinds.

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“I was faced with a personal crisis that had many threads. When Anja began counselling me, things began to change for me. I was able to see more clearly and my healing journey began. Her support was non-judgemental, respectful, compassionate, and empowering. From the moment I entered her room I felt safe. I found my voice and this has allowed me to confidently move forward into the next phase of my life.”


“I absolutely got heaps out of this course - I would recommend it to all. The group talking, the alone-time for art, the guided meditation, Anja's supportive calm and accepting tutoring - all wonderful!”.  
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"The art therapy workshop was the most healing group experience I've ever had. My paintings are on the wall and that's a constant reminder of the wonderful journey we went together. I will always remember you with so much fondness."  
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