August 05, 2019


A free 8-week Art Therapy Course for Women

This course is designed for women who have a desire to take part in a social life after a prolonged time of isolation or loneliness. Whether you have lost social confidence due to circumstances (such as illness, unemployment, bereavement, etc), or whether you go about your daily grind, but suffer a lack of meaningful connection to other people, this course is for you.

Through drawing, painting, collaging, and other creative activities we will playfully build confidence and connection within the group. We can safely explore what hinders you to reach out, experiment with new ways of being among others, gain inspiration and courage. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to experience healthy and caring community by sharing stories, laughter and tears.

No prior art experience required!

Tuesdays 9.30am – 12.30pm, 6 Aug – 24 Sept 2019

at Toi Pōneke, Abel Smith Street, Wellington

To register your interest please contact: 

Wellington Women’s Health Collective: 04 384 7709

Contemplative Art Therapy

Coming up    (date not confirmed yet)


In our lives we are often busy and over-stimulated by vast amounts of information. It is easy to lose touch with the simplicity and depth of our being and nature.

This course offers a gentle yet profound reconnect with ourselves and the world. Mindfully and with the use of creative media such as paint, crayons, clay, and nature objects, we will tune in and activate our senses. There will be elements of meditation, gentle movement, philosophical musings, and heartfelt sharing in a safe and supportive group environment. 

Wild Heart Painting

Coming up. (date not confirmed yet)


Liberate your own unique, authentic creative expression!

This intuitive painting course gives you the freedom to express your inner Self without self-criticism. Proven techniques will help you overcome blocks and open the doorway to inspiration. Discover the bliss of losing yourself in the vibrant flow of creative energy.

This 4 week course is ideal to drive out the winter blues and mobilise your energy and creative juices.

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Anja Striepke Gestalt Art Therapist